Al Ain Road Race - Race 1 by MaiDubai

16 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Guillermo G. - 11.09.2022

“More indicators in the route were necessary ”

Victor Norman D. - 11.09.2022

“There’s should be a chip reader in 15km mark of 30km distance as well marshall to give awareness to riders/peloton before approaching bollards. Announcer or Emcee is not dressed well to be more appealing & he is not even saying congratulations or let’s give them a plause.”

Bayan A. - 11.09.2022

“U need an arabic man or gair to say the names in arabic ”

Anonymous - 11.09.2022

“Poorly organised event. Timing chip equipment didn't look suitable of this mass start event. Race route was not marked out, some went off the wrong way. Not enough Marshalls to help either. Timing equipment was poor, many riders took medals that they did not earn. ”

Senthil K. - 11.09.2022

“Following has to be taken into consideration - sign posts for riders were missing. Km markers were missing, Marshalls were missing at most of the round abouts.”

Anonymous - 11.09.2022

“No coordination and routes are complicated and not clear ”

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