Ajman Triathlon

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Jeremy H. - 08.10.2022

“For the children the swim was dangerous and the bike wasn’t organized with my son doing two laps instead of one. Also on the run no one told them when to turn. For a kids triathlon more help and guidance for them is needed. They had a great time and love the medals just a bit of tweaking to make it safer. ”

Marco I. - 04.10.2022

“very well arranged, well done. next time please increase number of water station in the run leg.”

Giovani Alexander C. - 04.10.2022

“It was awesome my first time in a triathlon ”

Abdulrahman A. - 03.10.2022

“Maybe better indication of directions in transition area and finish line”

Gerard Kein P. - 03.10.2022

“Finisher Shirt was not given ”

Teodoro D. - 03.10.2022

“The water was a bit hot and dark but It was fun. :) ”

Florent J. - 03.10.2022

“Well organized - Good vibes - Thanks”

Jessica P. - 03.10.2022

“Amazing organization and announce was GREAT! ”

Hezekiah P. - 03.10.2022

“I got DQ as one of the marshall force me to U turn in 2.5km u turn. He thought that I'm with Junior triathlon but I said no but he still tell me to u turn. I tace with super sprint category. Even in the swim marshall thought that im with junior. My nimber was place on my bike woth 553z”

Kiel Charis P. - 03.10.2022

“Well organized except some problems with marshalls.”

Evaldas V. - 03.10.2022

“Organizers need to setup up their game. Clear logistics for the spectators, signs for toilets. Entrance and exit from the water was absolutly joke. ”

Jonathan I. - 03.10.2022

“Overall it was well organized. There needed to be more wash rooms. Before the event there was a long line and there was no tissue paper, hand towels, and the water pressure was very low. Also, taped the end of the event the gym people were placing gym equipment (rowers, spinners) right in the running path. ”

Matt T. - 03.10.2022

“Extremely well organized and controlled race. It was great to see all ability levels of athletes and treated with respect and professionalism. The best announcer I have seen in a race in the UAE hands-down. He was connected to the athletes sponsors and really knew what he was talking about! We cannot wait to race again in Ajman! Coach Matt Tourville Abu Dhabi”

Mohammed A. - 03.10.2022

“No water station for cycling of 40 km. Good event and good support from the organizing team. Good job.”

Rachel S. - 03.10.2022

“Lovely course, well organised. Swim end for sprint was slightly confusing - some went round the 2nd white bouy while others swam straight to the Dock. Finish line position wasn't great. Award ceremony took too long in the heat. Announced it would be at 8.20 for junior, super sprint and sprint but didn't start till around 8.45. Sponsors started packing up at 9 and Olympic distance were still out. Apart from that it was well organised/managed and would definitely do it again (sprint)”

Anonymous - 03.10.2022

“Fast online results, well organized. Just sad for the last finishers especially those in the olympic distance. No body was waiting for them at the finish line, no more water too. Staff were busy packing up to leave.”

Sophie B. - 03.10.2022

“Well organized and great fun!”

Anonymous - 03.10.2022

“where are the shirts? :)”

Ross G. - 03.10.2022

“All done fantastically well. Staff were great. However, a real toilet issue. Only 3 cubicles so the mens line was huge everytime.”

Anonymous - 03.10.2022

“More refreshment during the race, Thanks”

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