Zayed Sports City 5&10K Run 2

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 25.01.2018

“Once again, great event! - Awesome job as usual. Starting and ending in the stadium is nice. Thanks for the sleep in, the 7:40 start was perfect! Please go back to the the Saucony shirts!! There's no comparison...”

Ted Andrew M. - 23.01.2018

“one of the best - Well done to the organizers especially to all the runners who came to support”

Angélica F. - 22.01.2018

“Great race! - This time the event was well organice! Bravo It was tought enough but I did it again! ”

Suryaveer S. - 21.01.2018

“Always good! - Great event, well organized.”

Joanne W. - 21.01.2018

“Well organized. - Love the new route and starting before the 10k. The best part, starting and finishing in the stadium. Nice!!!!”

Heather G. - 21.01.2018

“Great race, new course - Another great event. Starting and finishing in the stadium feels really special. Starting the 5k first seemed to work well to. Well done. ”

Anonymous - 20.01.2018

“Its a good event for the health - Only the photo is much awaited. May be you can upload it bu the end od the day. Becouse every one is exited. Thanks ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 22.01.2018
“photos are ready”

David M. - 19.01.2018

“Perfect conditions and well organised - Maybe open a second toilet - plenty in the stadium.”

Andrew M. - 19.01.2018

“Expensive - The t-shirt is better quality, although it would havebeen helful had I been given the size I ordered, and didn;t have time to change it. The breakfast back after the event was a bit spartan”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 19.01.2018
“Hi Andrew, apologies if you didn't get the size you desired. We work off the data supplied but happy to swap out the right size if that helps. There was no breakfast as such but as described post race refreshments - breakfast was an additional charge from Sportsmans Arms. Photo's will be live and connected to your results tomorrow ”

Katie H. - 19.01.2018

“Excellent race event today! - As always, thank you to organizers and volunteers! Really like the course starting/finishing in the stadium, and nice medals! ”

Zeyad W. - 19.01.2018

“Nice event - Well organised. The water stations were not active this time (some stations didn't offer water you need to pick it). One give away can be the water belt with plastic bottles to minimize use of disposable plastic bottles.”

Talib A. - 19.01.2018

“Great! - As usual, the event was great! The delay until 7:30AM was perfect. Post-Race snack was limited (A banana+Chocolate Muffin+Organic Apple Juice) this time around (probably due cost-saving).”

Anonymous - 19.01.2018

“Good event overall - The snacks at the end were not bad , maybe better bananas will do than green ones”

Vikas G. - 19.01.2018

“Very Professionally Organised - Race was very very professionally organised. ”

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