Sharbatly Fruit Aquathlon Series Race 1 of 3 Season 14/15

15 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
James G. - 04.02.2015

“Great new course - better with some tweaks - Great organisation from super sports as always. Swim was a little long and many found it slow - maybe a current? Red mat from water exit was great. Run Course was great but need better marshalling under the bridge from transition to The track. Looking forward to the next race!”

Anonymous - 03.02.2015

“Nice friendly event in good location - During the swim I was swimming with a group of about 10-12 people in the Olympic event. After the 3rd lap at least 4 people from the group got out the water. I have no idea if they were the only people who did this or there were others but sad to see people cheating in this kind of local race. To solve this I suggest for the Olympic course putting an additional buoy about 150m to the left of the start so making us swim a diamond shape with 2 loops instead of the current 4”

Phil C. - 01.02.2015

“Great location & free use of Fairmont beach club - Well organized and the course was great; transition especially worked very well. Use of the Fairmont Beach Club was a definite plus and made it a great family day out. ”

Daniel G. - 31.01.2015

“Good, Fun event for all levels - Well organised event and a fantastic location. Chip collection was easy and general setup was great. Swim boys at the 'gate' could be positioned better and it didn't help that the sun made it hard to see. Maybe a slightly different swim leg setup would mimise the efects. Only other issue was the Website info and emails were a little confusing in places but nothing major. We enjoyed the event and will definitely be back for the next one.”

Anonymous - 31.01.2015

“Much better location! - Nicely organised aquathon in a good location. Nice to run on a proper track in the shade. Well done!”

Andy B. - 31.01.2015

“Great venue, great course - The course and venue were great, better directions would have made finding it easier. The medal was disappointing, a date to keep as a record would be the minimum, doesn't have to be a gold gong, just relevant to the race.”

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