X3 Junior Triathlon

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Anonymous - 19.11.2017

“please improve communication - Communication of the event start was not properly communicated. In addition that the taff on the ground wasn't properly knowledgeable of the event and how the race was taking place. s”

Ethan L. - 18.11.2017

“Fun event - The Organizer and the staffs who assist in the event are all lovely, friendly and helpful. Love the event and I can see all kids are having fun.One thing I think it needs some improvement is that the bike parking area, when they finished the race, we went back to collect the bicycle and the personal belonging (goggle,cap,etc)it was a little bit of mess and my son swimming goggle was goes under one of a bike tyre and my friend son keep searching for his bicycle too.I can’t find the result website”

Comment from Premier Online - 18.11.2017
“Results are available on www.premiertiming.com ”

Jessica S. - 17.11.2017

“A great community event - We had a fantastic morning and my children loved the new experience. Room for improvement yes - the swim - a winner of one age group didn’t swim one stroke and left the water half way down the distance ?!? All for inclusion but it is a swim/bike/run event. ‘The wobbly bike riders didn’t have the option to do an alternative!!!’ - My daughter’s comment!”

Anonymous - 17.11.2017

“Nice event for children to get into sport - ...but there could be a lot of improvement. When it comes to results, my son was properly swimming while some others were runing through the shallow water. It was not supposed to be about medals and cheating your way to the top, but sport, right? I know it’s difficult to handle people, but they were walking through the marked tracks, parents running everywhere, maybe everything could be marked better and people working there should be more clear and persistent when directing everyone”

Lilia K. - 17.11.2017

“Amazing!! - The cheerleeding and encouragement along the track was amazing and super encouraging for the little ones”

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