Vertical Run Almas Tower

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Si P. - 29.01.2017

“First time with no training, maybe train next time - This event was in Dubai and i'm sure I wasn't the only person who had travelled from Abu Dhabi or else where to take part. Upon finishing my first tower run in 13:03 minutes we were then kept waitying around for nearly 2 hours in order to collect our medals. This was the same time that everything started packing away resulting in a mass load of us having our cars stuck in the Almas basement because no one at fidelity had the car park stamp-very frustrating to what had started as a good event.”

Lars M. - 24.01.2017

“Absolutely awful event - I don't even know where to begin, but let me start by saying that I had high hopes and expectations. In my view the event had the following flaws: Prior info about wave start; Long wait to get started - up to two hours!; The most annoying announcer in history; Non-stop announcements drowned out vital information; Compulsory to wear event t-shirt; Medals only given out at the very end; 12 minutes effort and 5 hours' waiting time prior/post. I truly cannot recommend this event to anyone.”

Hamad A. - 22.01.2017

“Long waiting time and forced to wear their tshirt - Timing was not organized well as we all had to come at the same time but the race for some started 2 hours later, we were also forced to wear the events t shirt which was not mentioned in the brief sent by the organizer. After completing the event, we had to wait for everyone to finish to get the medal at the very end of the event, there was a dance that we also had to watch which is not related to the event at all.”

Anonymous - 22.01.2017

“Medal not presented until very end. must wait - Any other event in Dubai (cycling or running) present the participation medal just after you cross the finish line. As I was tight for time I was unable to wait around for 2 hours to get the medal ("big medal") that were promised by the announcer. This was the same for my 2 other friends who took part. Hopefully this will be corrected in the future or maybe this is planned because there is not enough medals to give out! Tee shirt good quality.”

Anonymous - 21.01.2017

“Higher numbers waited to long. - Higher numbers waited to long, solve that and you have 10 out of 10. :)”

Jon D. - 21.01.2017

“Abysmal Experience - Skip this Event - I have run about 250+ road races over the past two decades; I am struggling to recall a race that was more disappointing than this. Further, I have run a dozen PremierOnline races this year; the first 11 were absolutely great, this one was 100% lousy. Simply put, this was a 4-hour advertisement for "Fidelity Fitness Club," cloaked as a 15-minute running event. I feel used. Premier Online: Divorce yourselves from this event and from Priority Fitness Club. This event laid an egg. ”

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