Urban-Ultra Kalba Hills Cycle Challenge 2018

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 15.05.2018

“Very poorly organised and expensive event - 6am Start was painful enough without the need to be there 30 minutes earlier to collect the race pack. Race pack was a joke. Nappy rash cream?! Water stops were pathetic. Disinterested people manning them and the 2nd one is randomly placed so close to the finish. Medals were a joke. Never seen anything so cheap and naff before. Live timing was promised but no timing provided and no email of timing received. Winner of social starter with elite. No regulation of categories ”

Anonymous - 06.05.2018

“Doesn’t meet my expectations - Water stations crew were disappointed, first one very close to the start the second one to far and they are sitting waiting for the rider to stop and refell his bottle ! Also no marshals car all the way, The timing for the race was bad too hot, For the value of money i paid i thought ot will be better organized event”

Ahmed A. - 04.05.2018

“Expensive one. Messy race - Weather was nice in May!Organizers Crew were nice and friendly. Race organizing was unfortunately bad. Riders started in other categories. Timing was different than actual recorded in I have aproof of that Water stations crew were disappointed sitting and waiting riders to stop and grab water from them. Results can be provided directly after the race were most riders came from far distances medals are very cheap and trophies as well. Next time I will complete the race with help of support cars”

Mark W. - 04.05.2018

“Great job by the Urban Ultra team again - Change the date back to March (or April). It was too hot today (but I would say that being an Englishman) :-)”

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