Urban-Ultra Hajar 50 & 100

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Natalio L. - 09.03.2016

“Definitely a bucket list race! - Fantastic event. Excellently organized and executed race! Very well marked. Not a fast course but well supported by awesome volunteers and the scenery is great. Well stocked finish area. An earlier start would be better. Make a weekend of it and you'll have a great time. Definitely a bucket list race! Well done UU crew! Enjoyed race day! ”

Chris D. - 07.03.2016

“Excellently organised and stunning race! - Second time running this course, and if I wasn't going to be leaving the UAE this year I would definitely sign up again. The difficulty of this race should not be under estimated though, and Friday's hot weather made it all the more challenging. Support at checkpoints was excellent, particularly CP5 which was also very well stocked with food. I'd have liked a bit more at the other CPs: maybe crisps and coke. Course marking was perfect and a great variety of terrain. Another top Urban Ultra event”

Anonymous - 07.03.2016

“Jeez... - Bloody good event but absolutely brutal.”

Daniel S. - 07.03.2016

“Absolutely amazing event - I'm hooked. - This was my first attempt at an Ultra and I'm the old guy that didn't make the cut off time at CP3. This was a whole new experience for me and loved/hated every single painful step. I'm looking forward to the challenge again and I'm hooked on such events. The physical and mental toughness required is second to none. A BIG THANK YOU to the event organizers and all the volunteers, amazing spirit and support. Also an even BIGGER THANK YOU to the ambulance crew who helped me at the end. ”

Wouter K. - 07.03.2016

“Tough like nuts - Probably the toughest trail running race in the region ... steep elevation, technical trail and a bit of navigation. Overall awesome experience with grand views, nice route and great support. Many thanks for the crew and volunteers for all their efforts!”

Brian H. - 07.03.2016

“Great, but one of the toughest challenges - Overall it was very run organized. I never really got a sense from the information about the race that the course would be as challenging as it was. Nevertheless, it was really well marked and professionally run. The only thing I might suggest is six or seven of the same stools that you had at the end, available at the checkposts...just two minutes in a chair would be great.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 08.03.2016
“I quote "It is a tough challenge and requires training, but generous cut-off times (24hrs overall) allow most physically fit, determined and well-prepared runners to get to the finish" - this should have given you some indication Brian. Along with the 2500m + elevation?”

Michael B. - 07.03.2016

“TOUGH - Once more, I experienced a very well organised event. I can't fault any aspect of it. The crew at each CP were great - encouraging, helpful and understanding. The course itself it brutal and that is why I signed up. It hurt for hours and hours but the feeling of running down that last hill to the sound of bells and whistles and cheering from people I've never met is immense. At the time, it was exceedingly tough. The climbing, the heat, the solitude. The feeling of achievement was amazing!!”

Anonymous - 07.03.2016

“As tough as they come - The Hajar 50/100 has got to rate up there as one of the toughest Ultras. The second mountain was brutal and was a real test. The event was organised brilliantly and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes long distance running!”

Anonymous - 06.03.2016

“Not for the faint hearted - This is an extremely tough course with some brutal and dangerous climbs. You need a high level of fitness and trail running experience would be an advantage. 3 of the checkpoints ran out of water which was a huge disappointment and of course affected our performance and ending in dehydration for quite a few people. You will push all your limits in this race without a doubt. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 08.03.2016
“““I quote "It is a tough challenge and requires training, but generous cut-off times (24hrs overall) allow most physically fit, determined and well-prepared runners to get to the finish" - this should have given you some indication of the course. Along with the 2500m + elevation?” I can categorically state that NONE of the CPs ran out of water. We had a surplus of water and made sure that all CPs had enough. Can you advise where exactly you encountered a CP without water please?”

Emilio K. - 06.03.2016

“Thanks for the wonderful trail!! - Eventually found what I've been looking for in these years here in Dubai: a real mountain (ultra)trail. The view from the bottom of the first climb, the single track before C.P.2, the endless boulder, those small remote villages and so many breathtaking views!! How many items to bring back home... One suggestion: start should be @ 4 am, so as to reach the 2nd climb (hot like hell with no breeze!) earlier in the day. And the line of headlamps along the first climb in the night would be gorgeous!”

Mike J. - 06.03.2016

“That was brutal - Thanks to the team and the organisation. Much harder than I expected but a real test. Thanks to everyone who helped me get out of the Boulder Wadi especially Joanne who ended with a DNF caused by me. The course rating was how I felt on Friday night but I'm mellowing and need to come back next year to beat at least the 50. ”

Malcolm G. - 06.03.2016

“Very well organised event, very tough event. - Thanks to the organisers”

Serik D. - 05.03.2016

“Advices - Dear UU team, Event was very interesting, but there some opportunities for improvements. I dont want to bother for all staff, but key points are there. 1. Very huge distance between CP 2 and CP3 and comming to 15 km almost. I would strongly recommend to do one more CP in between for future races. 2. Medal design is standard, for such event it would be much smarter and not typical like for previous races. Make it more interesing and unique for each race.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 06.03.2016
“Thanks for your feedback. This event is supposed to be tough Serik. All information on CPp to CP distances are forewarned and on the map, this 15km should not be a surprise to you - and you are briefed to load as much water and fuel as you can carry. The distance you refer to is the descent of a mountain and a flat wadi bed - it is faster and therefore an 'easier' section. The medals are specifically made for this event, not generic. One of the 50 and one for the 100.”

Tamas L. - 05.03.2016

“A real challenge for body, mind and soul - Amazing event - the true highlight of the UU calendar. Prepared with tough love, presenting a real challenge even for the mos seasoned trail survivor. Circa 3,000 meters elevation gain, heat, boulders - everything is out to get you - and still you conquer and you get to pat yourself on the shoulder and say: I've done it! The care and attention paid to every detail delivered seamlessly with a real passion for the competitors is what makes every UU event a unique pleasure to be part of.”

John Y. - 05.03.2016

“Spectacular Setting & Challenging Course - Consider no markings between check points and people to rely on navigation skills. Consider a shorter version to CP3 - will attract more entries. Consider a version that carries east after the first mountain to the high point of 1600m ( Dibba Peak ) and then heads south to join the route at Jebel Yibir.”

Joffrid M. - 05.03.2016

“Awesome course, awesome support at check points - Tough course!”

Kim L. - 04.03.2016

“A huge but very rewarding challenge! - An exceptionally well organised event from start to finish. Fab pre event communication and build up provided by Urban Ultra. The toughest physical and mental challenge I've ever experienced but really rewarding with amazing views and great support at checkpoints. Urban Ultra events are awesome!”

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