Dial-A-Battery Desert Stinker 2014

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Overall Rating
Jeremy P. - 11.11.2014

“Well done - First time for me. Courses were wonderful and well marked. Organization was great. Race-pack pick up location not convenient, but I understand your reasoning. An awards ceremony would really tie the whole event together well and provide more of a sense of community. Keep up the good work!”

Atsushi M. - 10.11.2014

“Wonderful 2days - I ran in the desert. The staff sounded a bell with a smile and encouraged it. I enjoyed it. As well as it, I camped. The air of the desert was very cool. A moonlit night was very bright and was beautiful. It was drawn the circle that the trace of the raindrop which danced at midnight was small on the desert. A dune lighted up by the morning sun was beautiful. ”

Anonymous - 10.11.2014

“Great race location and intro to desert running - First time participating in this type of race. The process from registration to crossing the start line was easy to follow and the event ran smoothly. The race brief was straight forward with clear instructions, which was good. Hats off to the event organisers and their support crew, the event ran smoothly, I thoroughly enjoyed the race. ”

Jason H. - 10.11.2014

“Loved it - Well organised event, stage 2 was very tough, good support stations, route signage was very good - I only went off course once. I loved camping in the desert with friends and family. Portable toilets would have been good as its a pretty long walk to find some privacy. ”

Jose Antonio E. - 10.11.2014

“Great - Congratulation to organizer. I enjoyed very much. Thank you for every thing”

Susie R. - 10.11.2014

“A wonderfully organized and successful race! - I absolutely loved this race! So well organized, friendly organizers, great giveaways in the race packet, unforgettable and well-marked course and great camp sight! I hope to do many more like it in the future! Race director was super helpful.”

Walter P. - 09.11.2014

“An Amazing Race - One tough, challenging, and well organized race. ”

Anne B. - 09.11.2014

“Fantastic race - This was my first non road race and I loved it. I thought the organization was fantastic and the runners really friendly. The kids enjoyed camping out and the games on the Saturday morning were a hit with my boys. They loved the prizes they won. Thanks for organizing something for the kids while I was out running. The route was tough for a first time runner but I loved it. I found it so peaceful and beautiful to be out in the desert and even loved the times when I was running alone. Thank you”

Brendan M. - 09.11.2014

“Amazing event - This is one of my favorite races. It is very well organised and it is aimed at introducing new people into trail and desert running yet also making it very competitive for the experts. A great all rounder, great vibe staying out in the desert and very well organised. ”

Clinton S. - 09.11.2014

“Sun and sand, what more could you want :) - Overall an excellent event, very well organized and superb checkpoint crew! camping with the family was fun, next time rent porta-loos instead of the tent toilets, the non runners that are camping will be happy as well as less effort for the organizers to set up ;)”

Jeremy G. - 08.11.2014

“Fantastic, beautiful, stunning - Loved every minute, except the hard dunes! Organisation superb, thank you so much for the support.”

Sarah B. - 08.11.2014

“Marvelous outdoor run with great positive vib - Loved it all and team is great Tents available,kids activities are now possible to make them love the outdoors and live it all with family/parents Great discovery of nature Only thing I would say is that the sign 10/20 km seperation on morning run was not clearly written 10km to left and 20 km continue strait. But Louise mentioned it at briefing so not that a big deal it was clear, but still saw one person go left instead of his 20 km strait! Great work and love the prize and all the vib”

Gunjan C. - 08.11.2014

“Toughie for a first timer - Great energy and organisation.”

Mhd Hasan A. - 08.11.2014

“Great event - Route marked very very good., Nice people Prize is stone smart idea Medal its look high quality ”

Bryan W. - 08.11.2014

“Intimate, grass roots feeling event. - Event pack pick up not great / convenient, don't see any reason that packs aren't available at the event itself. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.11.2014
“Hi Bryan, Glad you enjoyed the event. The reason we don't give packs on site is that we have a great deal of equipment to take to the event and to take all the race packs as well (many of which are not collected), would be so much more to take and to organise for people turning up - some of them 5 minutes before the start gun. I hope you appreciate the things we have to do already and we would like runners to take a little responsibility.”

Anonymous - 08.11.2014

“This was really nice! - It's such a shame people don't mix more after the race the first night. It would be good to organize a 'get together' drink, so people can chat together”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.11.2014
“We do try and that is why we take firewood and make a central fire and tent set around it. Unfortunately not everyone wants to socialise, and we cannot make them. Some people want to go to bed early and prepare for the next early start - but yes, we would love more people to gather around too. Perhaps next time, you would like to round people up and spur them on to all get around the fire? We appreciate all the help we can get as we are busy getting runners in and preparing for the next day?”

Maria E. - 08.11.2014

“Amazing - Very well organized - maybe more social gathering at evening time. It would also have been nice to know that one man tents was available prior. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.11.2014
“Hi Maria, Thank you and we are so glad you enjoyed the event. We did send out information in every email and in the initial race information that tents were available for anyone who asked? Sorry you missed that - I'm not sure how much clearer we can make that point?”

Craig J. - 08.11.2014

“Great fun, loved it! - My first ever desert race and loved the nightday format. Beautiful being out in the desert in the morning and superbly organised by Louise and her team, great job all round.”

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