Trans Hajar MTB Race 2015

3 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Peter M. - 09.02.2015

“A great way to experience Oman - The village and venue were great. Hats off to the Omani Military and event organisers... the showers were a real treat. The course routes were tough and challenging and highlighted some very scenic areas of Oman. Excellent stuff, well done! Sami in the service shop worked tirellessly to assist and the food and catering hit the spot. All in all a great event. Perhaps next year I'll have to train more.”

William P. - 08.02.2015

“Good event - Enjoyed the race, race village was very cool. Perhaps a more sheltered chill out area and more nutritious food to recover afterwards. Aid stations was probably the biggest let down of the event. Overall had a really enjoyable time.”

Anonymous - 03.02.2015

“Forgot about non UCI-Elite riders also taking part - Race Village good Food appalling until day 4 UCI Commissaire appalling Route marking slack Course boring. Day 4 Jebel Shams should not have been in MTB race. Way too much road on day 5. Nowhere enough singletrack. Food stops didn't have food promised, 1 masseur would only do UCI Elites. No bike spares available. Cheating Omani riders. Event was insanely overpriced.”

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