The Ride Bike Shop Jebel Jais 1 Hour Record Challenge

16 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Sarah B. - 12.10.2015

“Fun fun fun at Jebel Jais - who would have thought - Excellent event at Jebel Jais. Will defiantly do the event again.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 12.10.2015
“How DEFIANTLY will you do it again ??? :-)”

Claudio B. - 12.10.2015

“Very funny! - Very well organized, easy and straightforward. A very nice social event.”

Roger W. - 12.10.2015

“Great feel good day - Job well done by Andy and his team enjoyed the morning ,the venue, the ride, the people brilliant thanks and look forward to the next event”

Nic J. - 12.10.2015

“RACEME is GREAT! - Great Goody bag, trophy medal , food , music , organisation, energy at the event. You can improve on photo's. Such an amazing scenery but the photo's live seen so far do not reflect the event. Also: no group photo at the top ? As you know, that's the best way to publish RACEME across social media.”

Roberto E. - 11.10.2015

“Excellent - Well Organized Andy, congrats !!!”

Paul C. - 11.10.2015

“Excellent event ! - Well organised, great fun, awesome location, nice breakfast !”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 11.10.2015
“I will make the course harder next time PC. ”

Ian M. - 11.10.2015

“Great Event. Worth getting up at for 3am for! - I'm embarrassed to say I was a Jebel Jais virgin before Friday so the final gradient was a bit of a shock, but I will definitely be back for more. Organisation was great and the views on the way down made all the efforts and early start worthwhile!”

Glenn L. - 10.10.2015

“Great event - Andy and his team did a great job in organizing this event”

Dimitrios K. - 10.10.2015

“Nice time, will do again - One only problem were local drivers, as always in JJ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.10.2015
“3 support cars with fluids plus a sumptous b/fast after the ride. Not sure if more support was necessary as we had everyone covered. AF”

Wayne B. - 10.10.2015

“Great event - Well done to Andy and his team once again great event and we need more like this keep up the good work”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.10.2015
“There are more events like this this space. AF.”

Chris K. - 09.10.2015

“Excellent! - Great event and a Andy makes a fantastic host”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.10.2015
“Thank you KNIGHTrider. AF”

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