The Besport Individual Time Trial

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Andreya V. - 16.11.2015

“Okay for a first time. Can be made into something! - Thanks for this. We need a TT like this. The course/track is a great location and safe as well. The timing needs improvement, but I totally understand the reasons why it wasn't up to the usual high standards. Can we please have a start like the big TTs? Two strong guys holding the person and 30 secs between each roll off start? We can self seed as we kind of know each other as well. I know this could become a very attractive event with some more development. Thanks!”

Alessandro N. - 09.11.2015

“Confusing information, worst timing service ever - The event was initially scheduled on Saturday, Nov. 7, under a different name; it got re-scheduled only a few days ahead of the actual competition. I've never received my official timings, nor a link to check them.”

Faisal A. - 09.11.2015

“Worst time trial ever - Poorly organized and they messed up timing for all participants and there were only 60 participants....”

Dimitrios K. - 08.11.2015

“Nice race, we need a series! - Failed to start properly as I didn't understand that starting process was changed from the initial published of 1 rider every 30 sec sequence to on-the-move start after the warm up lap. apparently, I was given a new chip and started again. Two items were missing from my goody-bag, the t-shirt and the water bottle. Results were "not-final" at the awards and still not published here. Beyond that, i enjoyed the race in the autodrome and I wish there was some sort of ITT series announce to keep reg”

Andy A. - 06.11.2015

“Still waiting for results - Would be good to get the results out early but otherwise a very well run event. Thanks”

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