Super Sports Mina Mile Swim Series: 1/2

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Juliette J. - 21.11.2017

“Loved this event - This event is fun and well organised. Really nice to be able to enter as many races as you like. The only suggestion would be not always to have the men a few minutes before the ladies as many men are not really fast and therefore the fastest ladies have to pass these men one after the other which is not always easy.”

Anonymous - 12.11.2017

“Good swim event - Great swim event for all ages, very well organised and safety is a their number one priority. Love that you can check your time at the end of your race and I love the age category and overall winner awards. Successful for all!! Spot on. I compete in as many races of yours as possible. Thanks to all for organised event.”

Sven D. - 12.11.2017

“Swimmer's staple - Great event as usual. Slight changes to the course from previous events meant that the first two turns were tricky and the other buoys at odd angles than what we were used to. But with a bit of concentration and listening during the briefing should make it all go smoothly. ”

Avia S. - 12.11.2017

“Fun swimming event - This is the 3rd year I've participated in the Mina Mile & I've loved each one - relaxed, fun, inclusive, and the late start time is such a treat!”

Markus K. - 11.11.2017

“Perfect event - Nice job to the team ”

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