Stages TT Challenge 2016 - Stage 1

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Adrian K. - 04.10.2016

“Good show! - A proper time trial well organised by great people, good support and encouragement from fellow competitors. ”

Kamel E. - 04.10.2016

“It was very nice - Well organised but it was supposed to have a support station at 25 Km but it was not. Actually it is not necessary but this should not have been announced. Overall very nice moment, the weather was great and I will surely come back to improve my timing!”

David L. - 04.10.2016

“Excellent, well-organised, low-key event. - Great fun, well run, early start so less sun. Really good. All-done the organisers.”

Anonymous - 04.10.2016

“Great organisation / event but not value for money - Great that someone is organising events like this which is really appreciated. However I know a lot of people that would have wanted to enter the event (and would potentially have made the competition more interesting) but were put off by the high entry fee. Personally I do not feel the "goody bag" is required. Most T-shirts will be used as bike rags and the pointless "entry trophies" will be thrown in the bin. Save the costs to lower the price or to offer cash prizes.”

Phil A. - 04.10.2016

“Value for money? - I was somewhat aghast at the entry fee. My experience in the UK for TTs run under the CTT umbrella are somehat different - open roads, low entry fees, even prize money! No giveaways, results on the line, and big fields. Though this was mainly for the Tri crowd, as far as TTs go, i feel you are missing a trick. Its not about the sponsors, its about the event. Its the Race of Truth, remember. I DID enjoy it, but look at those fees, 40 pounds, vs 10 max in UK. Food for thought?”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 05.10.2016
“Phil, These events would never run without sponsors. RACE.ME events is a professional event organisation company and as such we pay for people and services. It costs the same amount to run an event for 1 person as it does for 75 people, and having organised more than 50 events in UAE I can tell you that if you don't provide medals/trophies, tee shirts then you hear negative comments the other way. Its a no-win situation. FYI, license and permit fees are killing us Fyi.”

Faisal S. - 03.10.2016

“Excellent Arrangement - I really like the trophie , event was well organized. Thank you. ”

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