Super Sports Cycling Criterium - Mar 2015

6 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 30.03.2015

“Needs improvement - Needs more promotion, event is too small. I have to say something that certain people may not like but in my opinion the Philippinos that keep winning the Novice event are definitely not novices by any stretch of the imagination, shame on you. ”

Alison K. - 30.03.2015

“Nice small event, at a sensible time of day! - Really nice event suitable for all ability cyclists. Pity not more participants but these things always take a while to gather momentum. Good course, plenty of parking, friendly organisers.”

Gerard D. - 27.03.2015

“Good event but needed more participants - Enjoyed my first Criterium, well organised and the communication prior to the event with Angus was very responsive, one suggestion, to inform lapped riders to move either left or right, I got snagged on the final lap, in summary great race, would like to compete in a series and I'm sure there are many who would too!”

Abeed L. - 27.03.2015

“Was done timely but expected more from dhs160 - Bad value for money. hoped for a little more than just a towel for the hefty entry fee (which isnt refundable).”

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