Sharjah Ladies Duathlon 2016

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 21.11.2016

“Good ladies event but needs better organisation - Nice friendly event for first timers. Very helpful volunteers!! Course was not explained properly so racers asked each other and a couple of volunteers helped us. Very annoyed that I had to drive to Sharjah for the race pack when it could have been picked up on the day at the event! Also there were bikes available on the grass for those who did not have bikes- if we were told this before many of us would not have rented bikes. Hopefully next year this race could be better organised.”

Anonymous - 13.11.2016

“Fun event, slightly chaotic - Really fun event with a great course closed off, and lovely that it was a women's only event. The start and finishes for each segment were chaotic as no one could hear the instructions at the beginning (problems with the timing strips in weird places) so we just asked each other, hoping it was right! Would do it again, if they sorted the course transitions etc.”

Anonymous - 12.11.2016

“It was a fabulous experience. - It was a great venue and the event was well organised. I participated for the first time in a duathlon. I had a great time and would love to this agsin. Keep up the good work. Well fone Sharjah Ladies Club. ”

Mary K. - 12.11.2016

“Fun, safe event for all ladies - This was my first event since moving to the UAE, and the race itself was great! I loved the wide roads and separation of cyclists & runners. I thought the distance was great for first- timers just trying to finish, but long enough for the fast girls up front to to have a challenge too. My only complaints are about lack of communication before the event and difficulty hearing announcements at the start line. I loved the plants and nutritional products handed out by sponsors!”

Anonymous - 12.11.2016

“Great event for ladies - I really enjoyed this event because it was a great distance; not too hard and not too easy. I liked that is was all women and that it was in a safe, secure area. Really friendly women working at and participating in the event.”

Liz V. - 12.11.2016

“Great venue for SAFE racing - Great venue for Women only event. Closed and wide streets - bikes and runners do not need to share the road during the race. Good grass area in the middle of the event. Excellent result for first time organised event. ”

Madell R. - 11.11.2016

“Kudos to the first duathlon. - It was a great experience. Although the schedule was pushed 30min back hence the sun was high up during the last stretch of the race. The sound system was set near the stage far from the starting line hence it's difficult to hear the speaker during the start of the race. But overall, it was a memorable event and would definitely participate in the future. Congratulations SLC. ”

Anonymous - 11.11.2016

“I really enjoyed the event - It was great, i wish there are more events focusing on women only”

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