Sharbatly Fruit / Go Sport Aquathlon Series 2015/16 Race 3

14 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Finlay S. - 03.05.2016

“Another well organised and fun event! - A great race, well located with super organisation.”

Alan G. - 03.05.2016

“Great job by warren and the team !!! - Looking forward to next seasons events!”

Geraldine D. - 03.05.2016

“Very fun , well organized ! - It was my first time and would love to participate in the following events , all the staff were amazing . Good opportunity for all levels .”

Mark K. - 01.05.2016

“Great Experience - I have participated in this event twice: individually and as a relay, and both times have been wonderful. The staff, particularly the folks at registration, were more than helpful and accommodating. I will hopefully participate in all three next year!!!”

Loy M. - 30.04.2016

“Shocking Incident To Share - Apart from the event being perfect - 2 incidents to share. When the Super Sprint Wave were off, around 40 meters into the swim, one of the swimmers suddenly waved and requested for help. Immediately 3 Life Guards were dispatched to his aid. And he was saved. And even though the Juniors Race started - a few children ended up coming late. However, thanks to the flexibility of the organizers, they were allowed to swim. Tons of Respect To The Organizers.”

Peter H. - 30.04.2016

“Good event - well organised - Easy to get to, well organised and a great background setting”

Jonathan H. - 30.04.2016

“Fast results! - Can't believe you can get the result as you cross the line!!!”

Stuart B. - 30.04.2016

“First time at this event - Great laid back and friendly”

Serik D. - 30.04.2016

“Good staff, but very taugh - Completely exausted...”

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