Sharbatly Fruit Aquathlon Series Race 2 of 3 Season 14/15

6 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 27.03.2015

“Great location - well organized - Thanks a well organized and slick event - nice OWS, great running track - nice atmosphere”

James G. - 25.03.2015

“Another great race - Great run course, swim course came up a little short - perhaps over corrected from race 1? The swim course runs parallel to the beech giving a unique opportunity for some great swim photos but there were very few photos this time. Hopefully more for the next race?”

Russell M. - 22.03.2015

“Great event, well organised - As is usual for DXB events the race distance was a bit out. My GPS registered the run at 9.77km. This not so much a criticism, more an observation. The location was good and the marshaling excellent. The communication after the initial date was postponed was very good too. I will definitely be looking to do this event again.”

Markus K. - 21.03.2015

“Great Event - Thanks for the race ”

Anonymous - 21.02.2015

“Awful experience - They canceled race at 5.50 am when everyone came. Lot of people coming from Abu Dhabi, UK, and they cancel like that without informing...”

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