Salalah Striders 10K & 5K Beach Challenge

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Overall Rating
Rebecca H. - 05.06.2014

“Nice idea but needs improvement - The race blurb didn't mention soft sand (the first 5km), only compacted for the second 5km: needs to be mentioned. Organization seemed haphazard: for registration they had lost the list of online bookings; the course was not clearly laid out; no water stops after 5km; no timings; while the winner got 150 OR there was nothing similar for the first woman; I appreciate Hilton's generosity but the 10 OR voucher was for the day after I left. (resolved but could have been better).”

Anonymous - 02.06.2014

“Salalah Striders' first event. - I realize it was the first time but there are lots of things to improve on. The 10km course was realistically two 5km runs: the first 5km in ankle deep sand was really tough and the second 5km back on the 4x4 track was much better. The signage was fine but having the water stations in the middle made it tricky. You always had to run off course to get water. Finally, my biggest problem was the lack of timing. Not even manual timing? Just have a clock at the finish line... ”

Glenys H. - 02.06.2014

“The event must recognize women and men - Nice location poor communication - Communication pre race said hard sand! Water stations not good - track needs clearer marking on way back - women must get equal prize to men - lots to sort out but potentially really fun event. Great atmosphere and beautiful location - tough if event is to be on soft sand - this must be in the pre communication ”

Gerard V. - 31.05.2014

“Soft sand, humid, tuff - There are a few things that I would like to communicate about improvements. Please make sure that in this heat and humid climate there is enough water provision. On the way back for the 10K there was not enough water and no-one at the stations. Please take care of your runners and don't walk away as organizers when people are still running. People were still running and not having enough water while some organizers were enjoyed their beer. Please try to take the times of the runners next time.”

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