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Anonymous - 12.11.2015

“Great event - I enjoyed lots even though the walk started late from the scheduled time. We had fun. Thanks a lot. I wish to take part in this kind of event next time. ”

Carmaleen Dilanee F. - 10.11.2015

“I understand it was done for a worthy cause - Very well organized - try to arrange it on a Friday where you can expect more crowd. Also let some volunteers/workers be in between the crowd to sing or cheer while walking or play music throughout. That would be more entertaining and motivating more crowd to participate”

Anonymous - 10.11.2015

“Nice event for a good cause! - The organization was messy. No one knew what and how thing were being done. Once it started , everything went smoothly and my family and I enjoyed it. We were again disappointed when we could not cycle 10km, as announced. ”

Nurendra P. - 10.11.2015

“Great family event for a worthy cause - Was not aware of any prize distribution and selecting of places like 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc., thought it would be just another walk for a cause... Next time hope everything will be communicated to the participants.. But Thouroughly enjoyed the walk. Guess this will be an annual event..?”

Theresa O. - 10.11.2015

“It's awesome... - To provide transpo for those without car as taxi fare is expensive... Transpo with fee is fine!”

Hussain A. - 10.11.2015

“Very good - enjoyed itI”

Kapila K. - 10.11.2015

“Great event for a good cause - Good venue, excellent materials provided. Done professionally.”

Anonymous - 08.11.2015

“Need to be enhanced - Start time: no one have a clue when to start, website displayed 5:30pm. Organizers said there is a delay and one know when to start. Path: walking was OK, but marshals were not distributed in all the cycling path. And it was not easy to find the path with the small cones. Finish: not organized, not easy to find the right path Medals: should be distributed to all participants First 12 winners: it was announced that this is a non competitive race, and then 12 winners were given prizes???”

Anonymous - 08.11.2015

“Great Event! - I felt that the money I spent for registration was worth it. Only thing is, they didn't have a medium shirt, but that's okay.”

Peter D. - 08.11.2015

“Great venue and suitable for all ages - Well organised - great to have bikes available for everyone to borrow and nice to see people of all ages and level of fitness taking part.”

Christine P. - 08.11.2015

“Enjoyed the event. - Good event overall any faults have to be overlooked due to it being a charity event Hope they made a lot of money. Manni was very gracious with his time. ”

Mike M. - 07.11.2015

“Awesome! - Awesome!”

Ameer A. - 07.11.2015

“Rejected for prize - Even though I came in First 10, at the finishing point they rejected me to go for stage, because I don't have complete violet T shirt. It's not my mistake. I had white T shirt with violet border. ,so another lucky kid got his prize. That's fine. Overall the event was wonderful. I just enjoyed.”

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