Race For A Face

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 15.01.2015

“Awesome work MCF - Wish you guys the very best”

Leila A. - 04.01.2015

“A great event for a good cause - The event description was very clear- run the distance you registered for and then email the organiser who will send you the medal. It was a very good idea and nice way to raise money for this cause. I contacted the organiser once I had finished and my medal was sent straight away. The quality of the medal is fantastic! I really enjoyed this event and think next time it would be better to do it with a bigger group of people somehow- maybe this would be possible if the event was promoted more.”

Ian D. - 04.01.2015

“This may have been a 'DIY' event but not good - After registering we received nothing. We ran are promised 1/2 Marathon but have not been contacted by anyone to ask / check if we had. It would seem that once they had the money, then there was no interest. Charity is good, but a small thank you would go a long long way!”

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