Muhaisnah Road Run 10k & 3k - Edition 3

12 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 02.04.2017

“Excellent - Well done to the organisation committee and all supporting staff. ”

Tetiana M. - 02.04.2017

“Nice event :) - Nice event, well-organized. The route was good, a few supporting water stations... No complaints about that :)”

Anonymous - 02.04.2017

“Lackluster race - 1. I thought the directions were bang on. Easy to find. 2. Medal could be much better 3. Start/Finish line not the best area 4. Enough water stations 5. Thought it was my best 10 km time in years. But now people are saying the route is short of 10 km. My app says 10 km though. :) 6. Music at the finish line was "sad" when I arrived. I thought I was at a funeral. 7. I'm sure the organizers did their best and will improve as time goes by. ”

Wendy J. - 02.04.2017

“Good but inadequate Toilet facilities - I enjoyed the comradeship and the feeling of making a small contribution to a most valuable cause, but found the ladies toilet facilities inadequate - I was certainly NOT prepared and would have liked to have been warned. Many thanks to the nearby company for allowing us to make use of their Ladies Toilet, but as a western lady I am not use to these and as such had a EXTREMELY DIFFICULT RUN! For this reason alone, I am not sure that I will be able to participate in the event next year.”

Anonymous - 31.03.2017

“Lamest Event Organised in Dubai - First of all, the lady on the Mike needs to be removed or was it meant to be a joke?. There were no timing results service and most importantly, please keep someone who knows to measure the distance of the track. How difficult can that be nw? I was warned from attending the event and from the poor ratings given previously at Premier event. But did not heed to those warnings. The only positive aspect o the event is the registration service by Premier online.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 01.04.2017
“There was time management system for this event and after the event result has been published you can visit Team Sports UAE Facebook page or the website of the timekeepers. Rout was completely traffic free and accurately measured with support of federation. This race is organized under the supervision of local authorities, Regards, Team Sports UAE”

Eddie Q. - 31.03.2017

“The place was difficult to find, and 10k was short - There was so much water support which is good. The run is for a great cause for our laborers. Please put exact address or google coordinates as it is difficult to find. it feels like the 10k is not 10k it is short so i did another 10k again on your route. needs more organization and improvement...was a fun Friday”

Prashant N. - 31.03.2017

“Needs improvement but the cause is great. - Need improvement in managing event, the place lack signages, communication and overall organization”

Faizan J. - 31.03.2017

“Excellent cause to support and spread some cheer! - First of all, this is a race that one should always participate in no matter what, just because for what it stands for, no matter how good/bad the organization. That said, the event was quite well organized and one could see the organizers' efforts to put their best foot forward. I'm confident that they will improve with time. Great to see so many people show up and pay tribute to the men and women who have helped build this city and continue to add to its splendor. Till next time! ”

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