Millennium Triathlon 2016

13 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Johan B. - 10.10.2016

“It was really an exciting event - Most of all, the volunteer groups were extremely helpful and friendly, On the critic side, I missed the "chip" for control and timing purposes - I would really like to know my time results per item (swim, cycle and run)”

Dan J. - 10.10.2016

“Great event - opportunities for improvement - This was a great event on a flat course. The areas for improvement include better explanation of the course itself, ideally with the aid of a map. For the money, chip timing should also be provided. ”

Ryan J. - 10.10.2016

“Well intentioned and great location - Great staff and location with a brilliant safe swim location; but no chip timing, no results as yet, no age Group prizes and having to search the registration room for a finishers shirt when all the staff had gone spoiled it somewhat. The post race food was very good and having a pool etc to relax at after made it a very good weekend away. The organisation just needs tightening up; if no chip timing available then brief people to give their numbers after each discipline then use Excel!”

Ryan M. - 09.10.2016

“Great people, needs more organization - Wonderful people and overall a great experience. Parts of the organization were lacking, including the briefing in the direct sunlight at 1430. The course was confusing and not well marked. Also, haven't found out my personal times. That said, overall a great experience. ”

Baqir A. - 09.10.2016

“Orgniser support team very friendly - Finisher certificate was missing”

Robert B. - 08.10.2016

“Well done ill be back - I was asked to provide feedback and as I stressed to the man who asked it was a well put together event. The hotel was excellent the location was perfect. Minor opportunities for improvement. 1. race number paper quality wasnt the right stock, the race numbers were all over the bike circuit 2. id recommend a more detailed race briefing pack sent out at least one week prior with the map. 3. the verbal race brief wasnt the best it may have been easier to the send the kyacks at the turning point”

Eman N. - 08.10.2016

“Amazing experience - Everyone and everybody was so helpful and nice. Making the doing the race more enjoyable...”

Devang S. - 08.10.2016

“Enjoyed my first Olympic Triathlon - I was not able to get my result. Otherwise well organised”

Josh B. - 08.10.2016

“Good race but could make some small improvements - Overall it was a good race and the staff was all friendly and helpful. I recommend a few changes for next time. 3pm start time was brutally hot- 106F heat index. 7am start is ideal. Registration claimed chip timing but there was none, I did not even see a clock at the finish line. Race numbers were pretty low quality and everyone's number fell off immediately. Transition was organized, route was easy to follow. Glad they straightened out the confusion about sprint racers not getting shirts.”

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