M1 Run 2017

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 01.03.2017

“An amazing run - Tnx to the M1 RUN team for their well orgnasied.Tnx To Dubai Night photographers for the amazing photos and a big thank to the premier timing for our results.”

Anonymous - 26.02.2017

“Nice event - Good but slacking in the lateness of giving away medals as some collected medals early while others waited for 45 mins. Second, create an emarati top 3 award catogary similar to races and events held by dubai holding ”

Nitin R. - 21.02.2017

“Good experience - I got an email stating there will be lunch buffet available for finishers of the race. However, nothing was available. Disappointed! ”

Anonymous - 20.02.2017

“Nice race but communication can be better - Better pre event communication - event briefing by mail beforehand (there was a timetable at registration, with locations, ... this could be send beforehand to participants) - clear information (start time on premieronline 9am is different then on hotel website 10am) Medals and t shirts are cheap, and why would you give a cotton t shirt!! Find a sportbrand sponsor to get decent sportswear. Overall good event and atmosphere, but not very professional. Big thanks to hotel staff and volunteers!”

Anonymous - 19.02.2017

“Good Race - This is a good race for beginners to vertical races. The event is very well organised and the finish festival with giveaways was amazing. Overall great value for money :)”

Jon D. - 18.02.2017

“Best Vertical Run of the Year - A great course and a well-organized event. Pre-event communication was great - and I appreciate the flexibility of the event organizers (as I was unable to arrive to the event on time due to a last-minute conflict; the event organizers were readily available and accommodated my situation, allowing me to run the race - thank you so much!). Event pack pick-up was extremely efficient. Post-race organization: simple suggestion - collect the timing chip and in exchange issue the race medal. Fun!”

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