Let's Go Forward Hilton Run

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Anonymous - 12.11.2015

“The organization is much to be desired! - I did not receive any notification on early kit collection! With that, I could not get the number with timing device. Fortunately, I was still allowed to run. The water station prepared bottled water! A runner just needs a sip not the whole bottle to quench his thirst. Better prepare water in small paper cups. ”

Rock B. - 09.11.2015

“Very good - Please, mark on the route the distance. I mean we want to know how many distance we already run and what remains. ”

Anonymous - 07.11.2015

“Good competion - No comments”

Nora T. - 07.11.2015

“Amazing Race! Excellent time tracking & result app - It was so amazing with clean washroom facilities and I took a suite at the Hilton to shower afterwards so great!! I have particpated in many races in Kuwait and thanks to the Hilton this was the best one yet for ME! The course was so beautiful and breathtaking and I was mesmerized by the view and thanks to the Lord, Allah, the weather was amazing. The only thing is that it is a narrow course with smaller pathways at times. The organizers had the coolest time tracking and result app ever!!! ”

Lorie U. - 06.11.2015

“It was a nice event by the gulf, good time of year - I would have liked to see small paper cups of water rather than plastic bottles. A runner can quickly drink a small cup of water, whereas a bottle is too much to drink/ carry. Paper is much better for the environment as well, too many plastic bottles! There weren't enough bananas for the runners after the race. Otherwise, it was a great event! It was a bit confusing that we had to go to the Cube Mall for our shirts instead of the Hilton. ”

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