Last Exit Summer Solstice Crazy Bonkers Rides 2017

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Mark H. - 25.06.2017

“A great way to spend the solstice - Never really cycled at night before and really enjoyed it Qudra is end to be the ideal venue asit is in the desert and so dark and if if you're not paying attention I suspect you can go off route Was warned about encounters with oryx it was disappointed not to have any encounters with wildlife of any size But to have this opportunity was great Will do it again I hope”

Anonymous - 25.06.2017

“Nice ride by night - Very interesting ride in the desert. The team is friendly and the support stations very helpful. Just regret the lack of indications during the race. The food at the end was really good. ”

David N. - 25.06.2017

“Very good event !! - Very well organised and run event. Absolutely no issues from registration to signing-in again upon completion of the ride. The refreshment stations throughout the ride were particularly well organised. Thank you - see you next year. ”

Amin S. - 25.06.2017

“Great Way - Extremely good race and well organized a lot of fun and well supported. Definitely a must do next year again and years to come ”

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