JLT Pink Walkathon

6 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 01.11.2015

“Nice Experience! It worth more than 30AED. - I love the zumba!”

Anonymous - 01.11.2015

“Badly organised ... Nuff said!! - What a waste of time and money. The distance was not as advertised, the organisation was terrible, the race started very late with no explanation, the onsite announcer just liked the sound of his own voice without ever saying anything useful. The first time in the UAE that I will DEFINITELY not be returning. Just as well it was for a good cause!”

Safiya M. - 01.11.2015

“Awesome!!! - Awesome..we had fun. ”

Anonymous - 30.10.2015

“Pleasant walk - Good community event. Bit late starting but this was due to people arriving late.”

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