IGNITE Pink is Punk Swim Run 2017

8 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 11.10.2017

“Great event but disappointing it wasn't timed - The event was well organized and was at a lovely location. I enjoyed the vendors and the girls dancing. However, the biggest disappointment was that the event was not timed. Also, there should have been medals or recognition for a younger age group than 12 because there were a lot of 8-9 year olds but they could never compete with 12 year olds.”

Thea J. - 09.10.2017

“Nice family oriented event for a good cause - The event really brings a warm atmosphere, Loads of supporters. Nice course. Very well organized. Thank you.”

Nigel H. - 08.10.2017

“Good fun event for a great cause - Well organized and good fun. ”

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