Ignite Pink is Punk Swim Run 2015

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Overall Rating
Emma F. - 12.10.2015

“A fun day and great start to the season - It was for a great cause. Liked the short sleeved vests rather than usual with sleeves. Good goody bag. Organisers were friendly. Great for all ages. ”

Emmy B. - 12.10.2015

“Impressed with the organisation - Was very impressed with the venue, the venue staff, the marshals and event staff. Bit chaotic to pick up the pack, but everything was made clear. Parking was a breeze. Would definitely participate again - especially as all the proceeds go to cancer research within the UAE as well.”

Anonymous - 10.10.2015

“Course marshaling lets the event down - A really friendly event for a great cause, but marshaling was a mess. In the open event many people took the wrong course and ended up doing up to 50% more distance on the swim according to some peoples Garmin. With small buoys and a large field on a short swim course if you are not in front it's extremely difficult to find your way so many people ended up following the pack and going drastically wrong. Large inflatable buoys and some kind of marker on the beach would have helped. Disappointing ”

Zoe N. - 10.10.2015

“More Organised Than Last Year - Seemed to have better organisation this year but being slow on the course meant there were a couple of places I was unsure about directions. Great that all is for charity, but would still love to see finisher medals.”

Ashley R. - 10.10.2015

“Friendly atmosphere, nice setting - Was my first time doing this event and thought it was very pleasing. Everyone seemed to have fun. A few people, including myself, went the wrong way on the swim. There swam extra distance. I think the people in the canoes should be on the inside of the bouys not outside. Also some better briefing for marshalling as some where confused between lap 1 and 2 runners”

Anonymous - 10.10.2015

“Disapointing route signage - Great cause but the event was a mess. Poor route signage , also as per the results my daughter was 1st female to finish the spring race yesterday but at the prize giving someone's name was called as female winner. ”

Comment from Premier Online - 10.10.2015
“We understand the organisers presented based on actual finish order, regardless of whether the finisher was wearing a timing chip or not. Online timed results are for those who wore a timing chip.”

Anonymous - 09.10.2015

“Great, well organised event - Great charity event, catering for everyone ”

Tessa V. - 09.10.2015

“Great race for breast cancer awareness - Can't wait for next year! ”

Sabah K. - 09.10.2015

“Fantastic - Best so far....”

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