Ice Warrior VIII

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Overall Rating
Tarek E. - 09.10.2017

“Great way to start the obstacle run season - The ice warrior challenge is a short yet challenging obstacle run... Great way to start the obstacle run season... One suggestion would be for the organisers to retain the communication channel with the contestants, especially when queries are asked rather thsn blocking all sorts of communication channels”

Sara H. - 08.10.2017

“Fun as Always but Needs some Improvement - The course was fun this year. I like that you mixed things up and changed obstacles around. Marshalls should pay more attention, explain obstacles, and bust cheaters. No Goodie Bag at all this year - VERY disappointing. No medal either (We have been waiting for years for a medal now). Keep improving the event and we will be back next year.”

Anonymous - 08.10.2017

“Amazing race! - You never told us where we can view our pictures...I have been searching for days now! ”

Faisal M. - 07.10.2017

“Great course but please improve marshalling. - Once again a great event over all. But need better support/signage on the course. No one was at the exit point after the last rope web. I missed the exit and ended up in the snow caves area. Lost at least 30 second from my finish time. Would definitely do it again.”

Johan S. - 06.10.2017

“simply great - I would change the sliding rail for another obstacle more physical.”

Anonymous - 06.10.2017

“Very Organized event - We need a map of the event for the obsticles”

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