I Run Iran Marathon

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Overall Rating
Albertas J. - 18.04.2016

“History was made. - Fantastic atmosphere makes up for everything! It will only get better...”

Evgeny T. - 17.04.2016

“Fantastic welcoming holiday atmosphere! - Many thanks to the organizers for a great event!”

Scott M. - 10.04.2016

“A marathon to remember ! - My 174th marathon, and 1 to remember and cherish with the best ! The crowd were fantastic and the support and friendly welcoming people of Iran, and the organizers too, made this an unforgettable experience ! Well done to the organizers ! ”

Tamas L. - 10.04.2016

“Experience of a lifetime - Amazing feat or organisation - despite the massive challenges, the organisers went out of their way to make this event happen. There were hiccups, of course, but you don't go to Iran to run a marathon expecting everything to go smoothly. The people of Marvdasht made this an even greater experience than the simple fact that you run from Necropolis to Necropolis touching Persepolis along the way. Unforgettable! ”

Jon B. - 10.04.2016

“Brilliant experience and such welcoming people - What a wonderful experience - to run the first ever marathon in Iran! Every single person we met during the three day trip were warm and friendly. They clearly made such an effort to welcome us all to their country. It was amazing to see literally thousands of locals and school children along the route, cheering. Good to run past Persopolis and start/finish at Necropolis. Yes, as you would expect there were the odd issues: main things no timing and finish blocked but overall; amazing!”

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