Ironstar Indoor Triathlon

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Evgenii P. - 25.07.2017

“Good alternative for summer - - On swimming course would be great to display the number of laps for swimmers. - From my point of view, for fair competition the start wave should be generated randomly - It would be grate to see the current results of the participants during the race (some kind of online monitor). ”

Harry Arthur C. - 25.07.2017

“Fantastic event!!! Very friendly staff - Really well organised event and throughly enjoyed myself l, will definitely recommend to other friends! ”

Pavel Z. - 25.07.2017

“Well organized event - Well organized event from IronStar team. A good option for the summer period and for all levels of participants. It will be great if online results can be visualized during the race to control your current progress and place in your wave and previous waves. ”

Anonymous - 25.07.2017

“It was a great race! - Thanks to the organizers. Prizes and medals are very pleased. The IronStar team is always on top. I advise everyone to take part in the events of IronStar.”

Maria H. - 24.07.2017

“Great! - Great training for the triathlon season. Good organisation and marshalling. Would have love some more pumping music during the cycle and run. Will definitely do it again and as Nora mentioned - it is harder than you think ;-)”

Nora I. - 23.07.2017

“Challenge yourself - Might sound easy but not as easy as you think”

Syed Zain Ul Abidin B. - 23.07.2017

“Fun-Filled and Cheerful Endurance Event... - Very well organized all-over and great initiative of launching Indoor-Triathlon Series in UAE. Now triathletes got no excuse to get-fat and lose their endurance due to extremely hot weather. :)”

Anna S. - 23.07.2017

“A great race for all levels - I am very happy that I have participated in the event and will be in the future. The only minus I observed it was a luck of fun at the support stations (close to no fun at all), could be due to the venue management. It was a bit boring to ride a bike for 30 mins when you still have lots of power and nothing is happening around you, just your support members scrim occasionally, it was even no music at a certain point of time. The rest was great, waiting for photos. ”

Abishek N. - 23.07.2017

“Well Organized and an Amazing Support Team - Would recommend the event to anyone looking to participate in Triathlon events in the summer. ”

Ashley R. - 23.07.2017

“Very good event - I really enjoyed the event. Very good organisation while the event was in progress and friendly staff. Would be better if the full list of results was published somewhere. Would also be better if you could pre sign up for start times so athletes could plan when to eat etc.”

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