Hilton Dubai Tower Race 2016

12 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Michael B. - 10.10.2016

“Great fun! - Well organised and really organised. Friendly feeling at the top. really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next run!”

Susan H. - 09.10.2016

“Great Event - I always enjoy this event, this year we started individually and did not have a set start time, I preferred the previous method as this time I found a lot of people who were slow started first and blocked the stairs - but maybe it was just a coincidence. I think if they can organise us with start times again next yr based on fitness level, it would help. Overall a great event, I find the staff are always great and the breakfast is amazing. And of course it all goes towards a great cause!!”

Stephen S. - 09.10.2016

“Great event but no results - The event itself was excellent. It would be good to receive an email prior to the event detailing registration and start times and parking etc. My biggest criticism is no results have been uploaded to any of the sites.”

Mansoor J. - 09.10.2016

“Decent event - Parking was an issue at this event given that it took place in the busy JBR area. Also, the change in the start time was not communicated well. I arrived at 715 assuming that we were starting at 730 but it turned out that the start time was changed to 830. ”

Enoch C. - 09.10.2016

“Great event, well impressed with post race snacks! - Overall great event, liked the organization and how they gave us a choice of where to start. I appreciated the workers cheering us on at every floor. was a nice boost. the post race refreshments were impressive as hell as was the goody bag. The only thing that i would've liked to have seen was on the spot scoring of our times. would've been nice to get our times at the end of the event rather than wait for an email. otherwise me and my friend were happy and will do the event again. ”

Anonymous - 09.10.2016

“Great - Great”

Scott M. - 08.10.2016

“Great - but short - Event felt like it was cut short - I was told we would finish on 42floor by the support team as we were starting from the podium level... and we finished on 35, made my pacing a bit off.”

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