Giant Duathlon Series - Race 3

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Overall Rating
Geert J. - 02.02.2015

“Very smoothly organised - I did no know the running track which is quite nice actually; is it accessible also outside events or is it private?”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 04.02.2015
“The running track we used is open all the time. Thx AF.”

Scott F. - 02.02.2015

“Great event - Will be doing the next one.”

Christopher G. - 02.02.2015

“Excellent event organisation - Clearly organised by people who have taken part in events themselves.. A well organised event Am looking forward to race 4”

Mehmet C. - 02.02.2015

“First time joined but liked it very much - Running track was not so proper”

Richard T. - 02.02.2015

“Great event! - This was my first ever Duathlon and after this event will definitely compete in the next 2 races. Fantastic event, well organised, marshalled perfectly, thanks :)”

Jonathan C. - 02.02.2015

“Spot On - Great place well organized friendly helpful and a fun event!”

Philip S. - 02.02.2015

“Fantastic event - Really enjoyed my first Duathlon. Well organised, great location and a friendly bunch of participants. Only other feedback to help improve for next time, As per a couple of other comments, the bike turn at 12k could have been wider. ”

Daniel S. - 01.02.2015

“Great Location - Great Race. - Really enjoyed the location and everything about the race. Much better than the 7s location. Full praise for the event organisers and especially to the volunteers, without them we would not be able to enjoy such events. Keep up the great work and hope that we can come to the same location again. Thanks.”

Rhys W. - 01.02.2015

“Great event at new track - The run off road was lots of fun. It made it more interesting with the views of the lake . As always the support from the volunteers, families and other competitors was great. I had a few runners pass me but offer support to keep me going to the end. Just need to make the water station at the end more visible and offer an alternative to water. Great work Race ME team. ”

Sara H. - 01.02.2015

“Good race, great location, fantastic volunteers - Very good event now at it's 3rd location - good to mix the locations. Off road running added a new dimension.”

Anonymous - 01.02.2015

“Check for obstructions. - The spot on the rack given to me #77 was right in front of a short lamp post which offered very little room to hang my bike. Cost me a few seconds at T2 just to avoid dropping Till's bike next to mine. Everything else was okay.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 01.02.2015
“Hi Ron, When setting up the racks we looked at every position to ensure all bikes could hang from their saddle without obstruction as all the light stands were in the middle of the racks. Results were posted online within 3 hours of the race finish. AF”

Anonymous - 31.01.2015

“Great event - Need more duathlon events. looking forword to be in abu dhabi. keep on going i like giant duathlon thanks everyone work of this event ”

Teo B. - 31.01.2015

“So much fun! Safety perfect! - Our son did his first duathlon and now he is hooked thanks to you! ”

Ahmed I. - 30.01.2015

“Very well organized and amazing event - Extremely well organised Very friendly atmosphere The cycle Track was well managed Safe for kids Looking forward to the next one”

Helen B. - 30.01.2015

“Fabulous! - Really well organised as usual and lovely atmosphere. Interesting to be running out in the desert for a change, great venue :)”

Jonathan H. - 30.01.2015

“Loved it - Thanks! - It was great to mix it up a bit on the run, since coming to the UAE I have run exclusively on roads so that was good. It was really hard keeping my head tucked in aero position as the views on the bike were so great. The organisation was super slick and the marshals were 100% on the ball. I was really impressed with the other users on the course, they were much more understanding than I might have been! Thanks for a great day!”

Paula P. - 30.01.2015

“Extremely well organised and great fun - The new location added to an already great formula. The marshals did an excellent job of keeping the event safe even with the other casual users on the course. Looking forward to the next one! BTW - names on the bibs are a really nice touch.”

Mike S. - 30.01.2015

“Brilliant, family orientated - Very well organised ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 30.01.2015
“Thank you Mike. I am pleased you enjoyed your first Duathlon. AF.”

Andy C. - 30.01.2015

“Great event - really well organised - Great to see this event growing Bike course was great - wasn't a problem having the regular users on it. Run course was a bit uneven in places but not amajor problem. Overall - love it”

Aly W. - 30.01.2015

“Turn around for cycle - Maybe lay something on the ground for the cycle turn around point(12km). It was very tight and if you went off the road it was sandy either side. Other than this...a fantastic event- well done! ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 30.01.2015
“We did have plywood and rubber matting and both the bike turns to widen the circle for turning. AF”

Anonymous - 30.01.2015

“Very nice people and organisations - Very nice people”

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