Giant Duathlon Series 2016/2017 - Race 3

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Overall Rating
Jack K. - 12.12.2016

“If it ain't broken don't try to fix it - Always been a very well organised & thought out series. This venue worked well in the past for the kids race as they stayed "inside" & off the roads. This time the event used roads (which included live traffic at junctions). It also included rubber speed breakers on a descent that made at least two children crash. It also was marshalled by people who didn't know the course as they directed different people the wrong way so participants times / distances / efforts were meaningless in the end...”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 12.12.2016
“The change of date and car park was forced upon us by the venue - We then had to design a new course to deal with the fact the venue was open to the public at the same time as the Duathlon - albeit with minimal traffic disruption. YES, the marshal erred and that is our fault BUT it is always imperative for all athletes to be familiar with the course and read the on course signage.”

Anonymous - 12.12.2016

“One Great Event - It was my first Duathlon event ever, I must say Mr. Andy was so kind to come over and explain me everything being first timers. I enjoyed the race, marshals did awesome job. Overall i am satisfied with this event Thank you Vithal”

Toufic H. - 08.12.2016

“When you only expect the best - Every race of The Giant Duathlon series has been impeccably organized that we kind of started taking this for granted. Reality is even the best of the organizers can occasionally fall short. This race had some flaws but it does not change the fact that these series are the greatest fun one can have in this town. witnessing how the organizers addressed the issues, the decisions taken and the compensations offered to those affected show how highly customer oriented the organizers are. ”

Lynette W. - 05.12.2016

“Challenging course but great event - Great event organization and nice course, except maybe some turn-arounds were too tight and narrow on the bike, and the fog did not help, but all around a good and different experience. Thank you all involved”

Hasan I. - 05.12.2016

“Another fantastic event - Nicely organized, great venue, well supported and marshaled, obvious effort put into the preparation and organization to make it a great experience. It's the first time I race at Hamdan complex and I loved the race routes, which turned tough with the heavy fog but a proper challenge which made the experience all the more exciting. Thank you Andy and the RaceME team and all the volunteers. Until the next one”

Thomas G. - 05.12.2016

“Great event for all - No coffee caravan!”

Anonymous - 05.12.2016

“Great short event in an excellent location - Great short event in an excellent location. I enjoy this course as it has several flat out sections and some technical aspects. RaceME does a great job putting together these community events. It is a shame that there was confusion over the kids course, but the handling of it on the day was fair given the circumstances. Well done RaceME, I will be back again for this event. ”

Matthew W. - 03.12.2016

“Another great event from Race.ME - These events are as family friendly as they come and provide a great atmosphere. The weather turned unexpectedly this morning and the fog came in pretty quickly, causing visibility to reduce to around 50m and the surface to become quite slippery. Everybody from Race ME and all of the volunteers placed athlete safety as a top priority and enabled a safe race in relatively tough conditions. ”

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