Giant Duathlon Series 2015/16 Race 5

20 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Gavin B. - 28.03.2016

“Excellent Series - Good races this year. As a series it would be a bit more open and motivating if points went to top 10 or 20 finishers, since I am not in the top 5 yet for any race I have not gained any points in 4 races but I have upped from 12 to 9 but still didnt score! Please take pity on me and give me a point for being a loyal racer for the whole series! ”

Barry W. - 22.03.2016

“Great series event - Nice to use a different location, nothing wrong with Hamdan though. Difficult with the layout but water from the aid station made the running track very slippery. Would be nice to see a medal design where the medals from the different races pieced together or something. Usual high standard of preparation and organization. Friendly and helpful volunteers help to make it an enjoyable experience. Great to see the high kids participation and how much they enjoy it. See you at race 6”

Nuha L. - 22.03.2016

“Well organised event - Loved the new cycle track ... prefer this one than the previous ones used in previous events. ”

Fernando R. - 20.03.2016

“Excellent Event - Very good organization and Location”

Martin H. - 20.03.2016

“Great event! - Great event, limited only by the 'bitty' bike course however it's definitely not a showstopper. I personally prefer NAS or the Camel Track, however it won't stop me racing it again. Thanks for the organization/marshaling etc.”

Anonymous - 20.03.2016

“Well organised & great event as always - Always a well run event, great atmosphere and I have encouraged others to join as a result who also thoroughly enjoyed it. The race caters for all ages and abilities and makes everyone feel positive about giving a new sport a try. Keep up the good work. ”

Joakim F. - 20.03.2016

“As always, the events are first class - The events always have a special feeling to them. family oriented, friendly atmosphere and great organisation. This event delivers a nice hour of pain and suffering, flawlessly organized. The new District One area is also a great venue for an event like this.”

Dylan S. - 20.03.2016

“Andy Fordham and do themselves proud... - Again! Nothing else to say apart from the fact this series is still our favorite in the Dubai calendar.”

Andi P. - 19.03.2016

“WOW - 1st Duathlon - Amazing - I love every minute! I am a first timer and I must admit I was a bit nervous about the whole prospect of going up against some very fit/fast competitors. It was an excellent event for a beginner, the briefing was brilliant, clear and very safety conscience. Marshals were all very friendly and did their job very well. A VERY well organised event and great to see some many kids involved. Keep up the great work, i will definitely be back!”

Sam W. - 19.03.2016

“Flawless organisation :-) - Another great event put on by the guys who do it best. This time they picked a superb venue for speed and distance with the added benefit of showers at the end and great coffee (next stop was work so this was much appreciated)”

Alessandro N. - 19.03.2016

“Excellent event, very well organized and safe - The location is just perfect for a duathlon race; plus, the weather today was absolutely fantastic!”

Anonymous - 19.03.2016

“Great race and fantastic venue. - Loved the hill thrown in at the end”

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