Giant Duathlon Series 2015/16 Race 4

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Overall Rating
Fernando R. - 28.02.2016

“Excellent Race and Enviroment - Excellent Race and nice organization”

Simon E. - 22.02.2016

“Great Event with a Great atmosphere - Well done and thanks to all the marshals and volunteers on the day to make this a successful and safe event. Good race pack giveaways. At Race 3 there was mention of a schools event - has this developed anywhere? I have a novice 15 yr old too who falls into the adult category... 24K on the bike is a long way for a 1st event and the teens category only goes to 14 yrs... ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 23.02.2016
“Hi Simon - We are looking to include schools in the last event on April 15th. There was not enough time to prepare for it when last mentioned. AF.”

Anonymous - 22.02.2016

“Encouraging and motivating - Just felt that the adult cyclist and a first timer like me competing in the race, I wasn't as fast as the rest. I came there to enjoy and see how far I could go but was disappointed when I was diverted to the finish line to continue with my second 3k run, so that the Kids could start their race. which I thought was disappointing. I am sure you will find a way to work on this better and ensure that this race just isn't for pro's but for people of all categories. Thanks ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 22.02.2016
“Thanks for your feedback. As mentioned at the briefing it is up to YOU to count your laps on the bike and run. The signage on the bike at the end of 1st/2nd lap was VERY CLEAR. It told you to to do a left u-turn for 2nd lap or a right u-turn if you had completed 2 laps. The marshal was communicating this verbally but they have no idea whether you had done one or two laps. Feel free to communicate directly with me via email. andy at”

Jack S. - 21.02.2016

“Son's first Duathlon - Very much enjoyed the event. My first year competing in Triathlon and my son wanted to join in despite only being 4. The Duathlon was ideal. The RaceME team were more than happy to support this, I was able (due to free space) to rack my bike with his or leave it by transition and accompanied him around the course. He very much enjoyed the race and commented a number of times "Everyone likes me, they're all cheering". Very well organised and enthusiastic team. Thanks for a great event.”

Neil G. - 20.02.2016

“Awesome Event - Well run, Excellent event.”

Barry W. - 20.02.2016

“Great events with fantastic youth participation - Another safe, well organised event. Good fun and the volunteers make it more enjoyable with their enthusiasm and their good vibe. Would be nice to see different medal designs. Awesome race give aways with the pack and voucher combo. Inspiring to see so many kids participating and doing so well. Looking forward to race #5”

Antony L. - 19.02.2016

“Awesome event for every level of competitor!! - Two 1st time duathletes (aged 8 & 36) both left the venue with big smiles!! Fantastic atmosphere, course and volunteers! Definitely back for more in March! Thanks to Andy and the rest of the RaceME team.”

Anonymous - 19.02.2016

“Great event - There were a couple of incidents with the kids cycle, it is very dangerous as a 10 year old came off her road bike when someone swerved right in front of her. Perhaps there need to be a discussion on lane discipline for kids. There running and cycling over lapped in an area which is not ideal as well. ”

Ahmed A. - 19.02.2016

“Great event, well done to Race.Me and Giant teams - Great event but would be nice to change the venue (now 3 times in a row) to make it more interesting. ”

Juan C. - 19.02.2016

“Great fun - Good organisation before, during and after the race.”

Peter G. - 19.02.2016

“Superb organisation, great fun - Thanks very much, thoroughly enjoyed it”

Andy B. - 19.02.2016

“Event racing at its best - So it was cold before first light, but it doesn't get much better than this. Backed up by the range of entries: from me, a leisure competitor, to the ultra fit Ironman to the teeniest tots, men, women and children, something for everyone to enjoy. Thank you as always to the volunteers. ”

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