Fidelity Warrior Run & Fun Run 2017

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 10.03.2017

“Great event, well organized - I would recommend medals to be changed for every puma ignite race event.”

Jon D. - 03.03.2017

“Terrible Pre-Race Communication - The event is posted on, with an advertised 1200 start and otherwise very minimal information. The day of the race, at 945AM, as I am about to start my 2 hour drive from the far west side of Abu Dhabi, I receive an email with (1) a revised 11 AM report time...for a 2PM race time, (2) identified equipment requirements (i.e. gloves), and (3) an otherwise draconian set of instructions. Is there a reason why the event information can't be posted 72 hours in advance of the race?”

Anonymous - 01.03.2017

“It was fun and challenging - 1. Regarding the Bib number i recommend to be made of durable material better than normal papers. 2. Until now i didn't receive the results. 3. Regarding the medals no need to delay us for the last moment for delivering us the reward. ”

Anonymous - 26.02.2017

“Good - Very fun, slow participants should be at the last since they are so slow and cause stacking in the obstacles which is very bad for fast participants.. Another point to to do a speacial award for top 3 emarati catogary same like all the other races which dubai holding is sponsoring ”

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