Dubai Holding SkyRun 2017

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Fehmi S. - 04.03.2017

“Great event but some details need more attention - Pre-race communication was very minimal, skyrun website was down for a long time, and the most important information was just communicated a couple of days before the race day. Some information like how to prepare for the race ahead of time would be nice. The warm up session just before the race also needs more organization. Too many people where crammed up in the ballroom and the exercise itself didn't target warming up the proper muscles.”

Gary T. - 04.03.2017

“Great event for a great cause. - Well marshalled and enjoyed doing this for the first time and would recommend to others. Need to cut down the length of speeches at the start due to muscles warming down.”

Anonymous - 03.03.2017

“I didnt get my shirt - It was promised in the sky run about we will get our shirts but unfortunately I didn't not get. The organizing Staff told me that shirts are finished. How come that you promised me and I participated with a value of 250 Dirhams snd u didn't deliver it. Many people came with the families and weekends given shirts for those who did not participated. And at the same time you don't have to give aways for the participants. It's unacceptable. I want to hear from you and to compensate on fake promise.”

Comment from Premier Online - 03.03.2017
“To contact the organizers directly please use the contact details listed on the event registration page.”

Anonymous - 03.03.2017

“Event was good - We love Skyrun Dubai and wish to participate next year too!!”

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