Dubai Holding SkyRun 2016

18 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 19.04.2016

“Nice - Good”

Sonal R. - 15.04.2016

“Great Event - Something different than other regular marathons. Wonderful job done by the organizing committee Will definitely take part every year.”

Anonymous - 11.04.2016

“Race Event was a sucess - Healthy breakfast buffet was all good. Good Job!!”

Olivier M. - 11.04.2016

“Start/finish organization - Pre staging depending on timing was not properly organized (only announced on microphone). The queue was not properly setup and shade structure was not install at the right place, we were queueing for long minutes under the sun... No signage from the road to reach the parking, no signage inside Emirates Tower to reach the event... Other than that is was a great experience. Thanks,”

Lucy Anna S. - 11.04.2016

“DELAYED START, POOR PRE EVENT COMMS - When we arrived at the event there was a speech given on stage which informed everyone that the starts would be staggered with the participants who thought they would be able to run in less than 10 minutes first. In reality it was a free for all and as I was a slower runner I was left standing up in the baking 9am heat waiting to run in a massive queue, before I even climbed the stairs my legs ached from standing. Badly organised - media one could teach the Dubai sky run a few things”

Ahmed A. - 10.04.2016

“Amazing event - More signage needed for the location and the parking area”

Daniel G. - 10.04.2016

“Good event - Overall the event was good. But there needs to be serious improvements on the start. The queue system was not good enough. The rope section was only a couple of feet long. Which meant people just pushed in at the side. Me and my wife got in the queue at the start, when there was about 50% of competitors in the queue. How ever we were one of the last to start as everyone else just joined the side of the queue later. This meant we stood in the sun for nearly 90 minutes before starting.”

Anonymous - 09.04.2016

“Excellent event and experience - Participants waited for almost an hour before joining the race ,, this should be considered next year ”

Oliver P. - 09.04.2016

“Hard but worth it! - Great organisation and the best food I've ever had at an event!”

Devang S. - 09.04.2016

“Excellent - Was a new challenge for me and I was satisfied with my personal achievement”

Santosh S. - 08.04.2016

“Great experience - challenging too :) - Great experience and challenging course. Support stations were well organized. Announcements were clear and audible everywhere. Areas where I would like to see improvements: 1. Queue management at race start - people were just going from the sides and entering, and there was no official to stop them from doing so. 2. There was a lot of queue built up by the time the warm up session got over in the ballroom as many skipped this session 3. Water station to be placed right as the runners str”

Graham A. - 08.04.2016

“Excellent event; good fun. - Some of the marshalls need a bit of psychology training. It is not a good idea, when starters are being kept waiting in warm sunshine owing to congestion on the stairs, for marshalls to tell competitors, "If you think it's hot here, wait `til you get into the stairwell; there is no aircon and no ventilation."!! Apart from its being untrue that there's no ventilation (unglazed apertures ARE ventilation), it is not calculated to fill starters with confidence!!”

Gilbert S. - 08.04.2016

“Great event - Gets nicer every year”

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