Dubai Desert Road Run 10K & 3K April 2015

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 28.04.2015

“Good Race - I liked the road race, it was fun seeing everyone there and get into Shape. Although I did feel like the course was kinda boring I did run the whole thing & got my medal. I have done the Nike 10K & Dubai Marathon 10K and those were fun cause there was music and the medals were nicer. I would maybe run this again but when it Gets cooler again . Thanks ”

Daniel G. - 28.04.2015

“A good event. - A well organized run and great value for money. Will definitely run again. ”

Anonymous - 27.04.2015

“Ideal for new runners - A very nice run with lots of lovely water stops. Small participant numbers & a family-friendly 3k running concurrently meant it wasn't too daunting for beginners & produced a nice, almost community-like feel. Very well organised, race packs easily picked up & friendly event organisers. One criticism: photos weren't great quality- but did not detract away from how fun & worthwhile of an event it is.”

Nadia F. - 27.04.2015

“A great race! - Major overall improvement. The entire event is more organized. Start and finish points are very clear. The support stations had enough water. Even the amount of bins have been increased. Yet there are so many plastic cups on the road. I fail to understand how this fits with athletic values. Even though the route is a bit boring, it is a good route for training and improving ones training. The trophies at the end of the race are always motivating. ”

Nigel C. - 26.04.2015

“Again a well organised safe event - Good venue, well organised, safe event as no traffic. need to let people know about presentations as loads of cups not presented due to people leaving early.... A plastic insert in medal would be nicer than a printed disc... but imagine it keeps prices down. Also a split time at half way for 10km would be good too. Nice trophies... shame lots missed out and didn't stay to pick theirs up. Overall a great event. But getting warmer. Summer scorcher in June I'm sure will live up to its name..”

Charles B. - 26.04.2015

“Great race during Dubai Stopover - Great race overall. I ran it during a stopover in Dubai. Entire process was smooth. Would prefer a non-repetitive course. Also, please consider reporting net time. There was no mat at the start. Plenty of water was provided, but post race refreshments would be nice, and there were only limited options at the coffee shop. Event T-shirts would be nice even if for purchase as an add on. I would do it again if visiting the UAE.”

Prashanth K. - 26.04.2015

“. - .”

Anonymous - 26.04.2015

“Great race for visitors! - I participated in this event while visiting Dubai. Pre-race communications with Dean from DDRR were very helpful. The event seemed well organized and we had a lot of fun. I love that everyone got a medal. ”

Chris B. - 25.04.2015

“Another fun desert road run - As always this is a great, value for money event ideal for any level of runner. The trophies for the first 3 in each age category are a nice touch and the entry fee is low in comparison to some of the other events. I agree with some of the other comments that an earlier start would help to avoid the sun, I know the June event starts at 6am and conditions would have been easier if today's race had an earlier start time. ”

Herold C. - 25.04.2015

“Need improvement - It was good event very plain means organizing like this event be more be more informative and should a little bit of fun. Location was good but not accessible I've seen other runner incld myself have to find the taxi and most of taxi we had call they refused since it is too far. There should be like free shuttle after the event atleast. Not all the participant got the photo”

Gael F. - 25.04.2015

“Great run. - Really enjoyed the run this morning.”

Anonymous - 25.04.2015

“Well organized ... again - It's always nice to participate in this race. Very nice atmosphere. Thank you. Due to the temperature rising, i hope that the next runs will be at 6AM”

Simon E. - 25.04.2015

“Much Improved organisation - well done - A noted improvement since previous events, start announcements were clear, the course clearly marked and the distance spot on. Couldn't stay for the awards unfortunately. Only one criticism... the 3K whilst a Fun Run, should have an Under 18's and an Open Category rather than just the 1st 3 over the line.”

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