Doha Triathlon 2017

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 22.03.2017

“An event well organised for a first time - Overall a good organisation for Doha's first time triathlon event. Good swim part although the start was messy due to a not clear start line. The support in the transition was good. Unfortunately the cycling start and finish few hundred meters was over a bad surface and the course length not correct. Not good! The run was nice surrounded with plenty of visitors to be able to support.”

Caroline V. - 22.01.2017

“Well organised event at fantastic location - Thanks to all organisers, volunteers and sponsors to make this an unforgettable event. Unfortunately give-away t-shirts ran out once I reached the finish line. Next year probably better to be included in race pack. Received video with race instuctions on race day which is too late in my opinion. Shortage of toilets”

Verdy S. - 21.01.2017

“Nice event, cool venue, well organized - Wow, I think one of the best triathlon event I participated. Sure some little hiccups here & there, but overall big thumbs up. The venue is beautiful, even though I prefer to have race in a fewer laps (instead of 4 laps for bike & run). Things that I think can be improve: * Lighting during registration in the morning of race day (was very dark). * Minimize the rough cobblestone section on the bike (few hundreds meters at the beginning and the end of bike section). * Minimize number of laps. ”

Anonymous - 20.01.2017

“More organization required - Great race over a great venue and the volunteers made it happen, however only one registration desk, one toilet for men and one for women, and a general sense of confusion made it a stressful pre-start to the race. Suggest next year they have a more simplified registration process with more desks and some spare toilets! ”

Anonymous - 20.01.2017

“Enjoyable first Triathlon - Not enough notice to start the race. In the water for a period and air horn went off suddenly. Overall it was a good event and hope to see more like this in Doha. ”

Anonymous - 20.01.2017

“Fun event - Pros: -Good sponsorship/advertising, way more crowd support than other Doha events (great support at the aid stations!), interesting course Cons: -Lack of port-potties caused massive lines, the registration took place pre-dawn, but there was zero lighting at the reg. desk and racking area, course markers were ok, but could have used some distance markers, particularly in the run section. Overall: The organizers and volunteers did a really good job for an inaugural event. Will be back!”

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