Contagion Run Dubai 2015

8 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Damian S. - 02.11.2015

“Great concept but could be so much better. - A lot of people seemed to be unsure before the event about the decision to be made between zombie and runner. Whilst the event itself is a great idea, the obstacles were very basic and the course was fairly confusing with no clear route to follow. ”

Anonymous - 01.11.2015

“It was a good experience - A bit organisation on the track perhaps and starting time was really delayed. loved the zumba and other warm up classes :) but appreciate the good work put into this fun event.”

Simon P. - 31.10.2015

“Fun event - Not bad. It's good that some of the criticisms from last year have been heeded: water on the course, better behaved zombies (although some still need to be briefed about not grabbing 2 flags at once), and a fighting chance of surviving for the runners. Starting organisation was sloppy...we were supposed to be in 4pm wave, but set off an hour late. Repeated noisy zumba warm-ups were annoying. Better course marshalling or signage needed. But well done for putting it on and for the hard work.”

Anonymous - 30.10.2015

“Quite Entertaining! - The overall event was really friendly and exciting! One thing though- I believe a good portion of the people including myself missed some/most of the obstacles (the bloodbath) because of a lack of route signage, so if there was some more support, things could have been more even and smooth :)”

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