Climb To Abu Dhabi

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Peter M. - 05.02.2017

“Novel and interesting event - It was an interesting event to compete in. A lot of the issues, others have mentioned so won't dwell on those. The delay in receipt and lack of clarity of the results was a shame. Furthermore, I contacted by email twice James Pritchard at the 'Contact Us' address about the results, but never received a response. When the results did arrive, there was no break down by age group/age and there was no combined male/female results presented ”

Anonymous - 03.02.2017

“Good event, sort out race pack collect and timing - Event was good, staff friendly at start and finish. Parking poor, driving around a car park for 20minutes when the floor below is empty but no one to open barrier is not a good start! Race pace collect on day rubbish. Why collect a t-shirt in the week with id when have to queue up again to get chip? People confused and stressed as extra queues on day they weren't expecting. Too slow on results service. 2 days later is disappointing! ”

Hassan A. - 31.01.2017

“Perfect location - This event was well arranged, other than collecting the pack and on the day collecting the bib chip and numbers it was not arrange properly at all. Thank you organizer I hope you will improve more next year. ”

Hisham E. - 30.01.2017

“Disorganization - 1)I have went to pick up my pack the day before and they didn't give me the bib#+timing chip and said it is on race day. On race day, they gave me another name, "Michael Hadins"! and took my details 2) until now, I haven't received my timing nor it shows here on premieronline 3)On premiere online it says it starts at 830am without mentioning the time for each category. I got to know "challenger" category starts at 11:30a (3hours later!)”

Simon C. - 29.01.2017

“Ok - During the event I developed quite a serious cough. Thought was due to the exercise. Got to the top and was coughing badly. Noticed many other people were. On reflection the stairwell was very dusty. With that many people running up this disturbed the duct and we breathed it in. Next time, a wash down prior to the event would be good. Also, no timings as yet?”

Yvonne N. - 28.01.2017

“Dissatisfied - Why did they make us collect the pre race kit without the chip and bib number. The registration desk opened at 8:30am. I stood there for 2 hours waiting for my bib amd chip and guess what I never got it. I had to wait for the relay team to finish so that i can get a chip. My bib was for challenger and yet i had registered for individual. At the end of it all I participated but no timing for me. This is the most disorganized event i have ever participated in and i will never participate again. ”

Anonymous - 27.01.2017

“Saeed - The organization was horrible and really bad it should take a place on 8:30 AM but it started on 11:30 AM. I asked M size of the event t- shirt and they gave me L. I really disappointed from the staff because they lack of friendly. I haven't received my result at the same time. I hope all above points disappeared next event ”

Jeremy M. - 27.01.2017

“Paid 275 and all I got was a shirt - None of the emails I received had the start time listed. Missed the event because I had prior business I could not move. Sad, as I was looking forward to this event after I ran the Almas Towers Vertical Marathon in Dubai last week. ”

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