COEGA/Go Sport Mina Mile Swim Series: 1

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Emma D. - 23.11.2016

“Fantastic event - I thoroughly enjoyed the event, good to see so many people participate with all ages and abilities. I will be competing again for sure. My only critism was the start of the 1600m, very dangerous with so many people. I was kicked so many times and unable to avoid it due to the lack of space. Someone could have been badly injured and I would suggest a staggered start (males and females separately) like at a previous swim I did in Abu Dhabi. ”

Sven D. - 22.11.2016

“Well organised swimming fun - The formula works so why change it, right? But perhaps a couple of subtle changes will keep us from losing interest in future.”

Joseph K. - 21.11.2016

“Great Swimming Event one of the few! - All in all good family event with different distances to choose from. Small room for improvement: start in multiple waves for the same distances as it is quite dangerous for kids and adults to start off at the same time for example the 1 mile swim, start could be in 2 min intervals.. Great medal, goody bag, photo service (800m album missing on facebook site) and good job to all the volunteers handing out drinks and giveaways.”

Richard P. - 21.11.2016

“Event needs a bit more refinement - I think the event was more aimed at the shorter distances. In my opinion it is dangerous to mix kids and adults on a 1 mile swim, the aggression and strength isn't a good mix. The start bunched the swimmers into the first turn, with adults this is acceptable, with kids this is asking for an incident. It is a shame as there are so few open water swims in the UAE but I will not be doing this event again. From Abu Dhabi it is a long way to travel for a lack luster event.”

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