COEGA / Go Sport Mina Mile Open Water Series 2015/16 Race 2

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 15.03.2016

“Young children competing with Adults - Please split the start timings for adults and children, I had to practically stop at the beginning of my swim because youngsters had pushed themselves to the front at the start and were not quick enough when the event got underway.”

Anonymous - 15.03.2016

“Great Event - Great event every time. However, I always feel it's crazy to have children and adults racing at the same time. This could be a cause of an accident in the future. ”

Anonymous - 14.03.2016

“Great Event - Suggestions for the next event: - Buoys, when turning the rope got caught around my neck and I had to free myself. Rather dangerous. - Kids and adults started at the same time. I would suggest staggering the starts. First wave - Adults, 1 min later, kids. The kids have a tendency to push to the front and then get beaten up as they are passed by the adult swimmers. ”

Dominique M. - 13.03.2016

“A very well organized event. - It was a great event for participants as well as spectators. The course was laid out really well, the timings of events were really accurate and well spaced out. The music was great and there was enough space for the spectators to relax as well as get some great action shots of the participants. It was not overcrowded and the caps and giveaways, medals and prizes plus the free photo were really awesome, thank you”

Jovic Mohammed N. - 13.03.2016

“The course - The course is good but it will be better if there will be buoys floating connecting the turning ends.... Swimmers will be able t swim straighrly”

Anonymous - 13.03.2016

“Good Location and Fun Event - Very friendly atmosphere and fun event held in the pleasant surroundings of Barasti.”

Sven D. - 13.03.2016

“Fun morning out - With so few open water swimming events in the region, one wonders why this event isn't more popular. Perhaps more give-aways or better marketing can get the folks out of bed on a Saturday morning.”

Hasan I. - 12.03.2016

“Fantastic swim event for all levels - Highly recommended, greatly organized and fantastic venue and offerings, great value for money especially that you get the chance to do all the races of the series on the day and not limited to the distance you have entered. Lovely event and will definitely do it again.”

Helen C. - 12.03.2016

“Family friendly - Distances for the shorter races seem short. Great fun morning allowing family members enjoy various races together. ”

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