Boost Bahrain Open Water Swim Series - Race 3

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Michael G. - 30.11.2016

“Good practice for IM70.3 Bahrain - Nice and friendly, relaxed event. nicely hosted at the 4 Seasons Hotel. Main purpose was to practice on the swim course for IM70.3 Bahrain. Manual timing/placings which went wrong. Didn't matter to most and they did apologise for the error”

Angela A. - 24.11.2016

“Need improvement - Manual timing is not accurate at all, way to finish line long que is not ideal at swim series 3,some no discipline swimmers taking advantage to get in line first..Very Unfair to first swimmer who reached earlier. And giving out sticks with numbers is not organized and confusing, without knowing which is which who deserve to have the earliest number. ”

Anonymous - 22.11.2016

“Great but... - Great event and thanks to everyone involved in organizing it. But: 1) race briefing might be improved - I think this is the result of a large number of participants having to crowd around a small area in order to listen to the briefing - perhaps accompanying written instructions posted on Premier Online would help a lot; 2) A race map was not posted for this event (or at least not that I could find) - that would have helped the briefing and our navigation of the circuit. But great otherwise...”

Anonymous - 22.11.2016

“Glad I participated - Was hard to hear the course briefing, having only one ladder to get all of the swimmers out was not efficient. Did the timing stop when reaching last buoy, ladder or when receiving 'stick'? Four Seasons was a beautiful setting.”

Anonymous - 22.11.2016

“Overall a great.experience for my first 1.9k open - Marshall's should avoid smoking on kayaks beside the swimmers. The boys should be secured so they do not move. It would have helped if more showers were made available (in the spa) for 1 hour after the event as there was only 1 shower in the female changing room beside the pool. Many comments feom frienda thought the course was longer than 1.9k. Thank you for the opportunity for feedback.”

Stephen C. - 22.11.2016

“Good event and great venue - Really good event, well organised. Only critisism was the poor sound at race briefing and could understand the details for the race and especially for the finish. Will come back next year though ”

Anonymous - 20.11.2016

“Good event - Good even staff know nothing however - clueless springs to mind. Cant answer any questions you may have. Did not receive a bag at either event for one reason or another never starts on time course details are not very well explained. contradictory advice also. great loactaions however and great prep for ironman. marshalls never off there phones - again don't know the answer to any question.”

Verdy S. - 20.11.2016

“Well organized - Good event overall. Very well organized. Nice venue. It can be optimized by using chip timing & giveaways;-)”

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