Boost Bahrain Open Water Swim Series - Race 1

8 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 14.09.2016

“Fantastic and well organized - 1 small thing to consider next time, start point safety. Hamala beach start point was very risky for participant some of whom have been injured badly”

Tony T. - 13.09.2016

“A well run and managed event - Star and finish points were separate. It may be good for solo participants to have a designated bag/kit drop off area. Overall a great event that was very well managed and supported on land and on the water. Well done! Tony”

Bassam S. - 13.09.2016

“Well organized and fun event - Everything was just great, specially that the race started on time unlike many other events.”

Anonymous - 13.09.2016

“It was a very nice event - Next time number the registration desk: where to go to first then second etc.”

Anonymous - 13.09.2016

“First Swim Only Competition in Bahrain - Well Organized”

Anonymous - 12.09.2016

“Great 1km swim. - Thanks. I really enjoyed the swim.”

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