Boost Bahrain Open Water Series - Race 2

10 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Ali K. - 16.10.2017

“Super happy with Boos events - I don't think twice when enrolling myself and my two kids for Boost events, because they are professionals. Thank you team ”

Anonymous - 16.10.2017

“It was a great event, very good Marshall’s!!!! - The event was well organised and I would happily do it again! The marshalls in the water were great and all staff were very friendly and helpfull! It was a great morning and great atmosphere on the beach! Loved it! Thank you!”

Stephen C. - 15.10.2017

“Good friendly event - Results slow to come out. Not sure how the timing system works. But nice friendly event with participation for all”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 17.10.2017
“Thank you for your feedback, at this stage our timing is done manual so it does take a bit of time and we apologize for the delay but we do try to get the results out on the day of the event till we manage to purchase our own timing system. ”

Anonymous - 14.10.2017

“Thanks for this wonderful event. - Thanks for this wonderful event. I don't recommend organizing this series in the Budaya beach. It is very shallow. In addition, when the number of the participants is high, i recommend the start to be in waves (e.g., males then females). Thanks, ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 17.10.2017
“Thank you for your recommendation, we will definitely take that into consideration. As our timing is currently manual at this stage in time, we are unable to do different waves as the timing would be difficult to manage, but its definitely something we will work on. Thank you”

Klara M. - 14.10.2017

“fantastic event - Great race and top-level organized event!! Well done everyone! ”

Melissa R. - 14.10.2017

“Great Swimming Conditions - Thanks for the well organised event. It was an overall good experience today with the friendly staff, great air and water conditions helping along for a good swim.”

Jerri T. - 14.10.2017

“An AMAZING event!!! - I am a beginner swimmer. I was so impressed by the support of the staff and the other swimmers!! I didn’t think I could do it but with all the support I was able to swim the whole thing!! The swim cap, towel and medal given is spectacular!! I can’t wait until the next one!!”

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