Beach Run AUH

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Mohammad A. - 20.11.2016

“Not much merch - The event was fun and family spirited. However, the event cost too much for only a tshirt. There were no sponsors and freebies which every runner likes! ”

Owen B. - 20.11.2016

“Afternoon run is fine when its in dec or jan.!! - Too run at 2pm - onwards....we can have this afternoon runs on dec - feb...”

Anonymous - 19.11.2016

“3pm run is too hot! - No communication in change of event time, no email, less shaded area to rest. Beach goers are keep on passing by in the course. Water is only in the starting area, none at the opposite end of course. ”

Danielle H. - 18.11.2016

“A rather boring event - There was little participation and that took the fun away from the race. Communication pre-race was poor. The Village was not adequately shaded and bathrooms were too far from the start area. The marshalls didn't take care of wandering beachgoers. I had to yell a bunch of young men walking right in front of me on the last stretch of the race. There was no timer board to know what my progress had been. Also the 3pm start was still a bit too hot for the 7 km race.”

Lizzie P. - 18.11.2016

“Terrible communication - When we signed up the race stated 8am. The day day before the race we noticed they had changed the time to 3pm. No communication was received about yhis time change. Far too hot at 3pm”

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